Why do you call your priest Father?

In the Philippines, Pampanga in particular, we call our father ‘Tatang‘ and our uncle, ‘Bapa‘. Sometimes, kapampangans call their uncles as Tatang too. In the barrio where I grew up, we call our uncles as ‘mamâ‘ like Mamang Dado. There is an impit sound on the last syllable that is stressed and have a stop. … Read more

Was Martin Luther anti-Semitic?

The rebel Martin Luther condemned the conducts of the Jewish people. He did not hate the Jews just because of the race. However, his intolerence and solution to correct their ways is unchristian. His violent remarks are embarrasments to his followers and to the whole Reformation. This is probably the reason why the so called … Read more

Communion of Saints

I had a discussion last year with a friend who asked me why I go to the cemetery every November 1. My short answer is we remember our dead love ones and pray for them. I got a quick reply that praying for the dead is condemned in the Bible referring to the book of … Read more

Love your enemy.

In today’s Gospel reading from Matthew, Jesus teaches us some of the most challenging words in all of Scripture. He tells us to turn the other cheek when someone strikes us, to give our cloak to someone who takes our coat, to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us. These are not … Read more