Did the Church err with Fiducia Supplicans?

Here is the paragraph III in the document Fiducia Supplicans which explaints the Blessings of Couples in Irregular Situations and of Couples of the Same Sex. Did Pope Francis really approved the blessing of same-sex unions? No, as Father Eric Gibaugh explains.

Blessings of Couples in Irregular Situations and of Couples of the Same Sex

Paragraph 31: – Within the horizon outlined here appears the possibility of blessings for couples in irregular situations and for couples of the same sex, the form of which should not be fixed ritually by ecclesial authorities to avoid producing confusion with the blessing proper to the Sacrament of Marriage. In such cases, a blessing may be imparted that not only has an ascending value but also involves the invocation of a blessing that descends from God upon those who—recognizing themselves to be destitute and in need of his help—do not claim a legitimation of their own status, but who beg that all that is true, good, and humanly valid in their lives and their relationships be enriched, healed, and elevated by the presence of the Holy Spirit. These forms of blessing express a supplication that God may grant those aids that come from the impulses of his Spirit—what classical theology calls “actual grace”—so that human relationships may mature and grow in fidelity to the Gospel, that they may be freed from their imperfections and frailties, and that they may express themselves in the ever-increasing dimension of the divine love.

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