Theotokos – God Has A Mother?

Mary Is a god and we do not worship Mary.

“Theotokos” is a Greek term that translates to “God-bearer” or “Mother of God.” This title has significant theological importance within Christian traditions, particularly in Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, and Catholic Christianity. It is used to affirm the belief that Mary, the mother of Jesus, carried and gave birth to the incarnate Son of God, Jesus Christ, who is both fully divine and fully human.

The use of the term “Theotokos” became a focal point in the early centuries of Christianity, especially during the debates and discussions about the nature of Christ. The affirmation of Mary as the Theotokos was a way to safeguard the understanding of the Incarnation—that in Jesus, the divine and human natures are inseparably united in one person.

By calling Mary the “Mother of God,” Christians emphasize that Jesus, whom Mary bore in her womb and gave birth to, is not a mere human being but is, in fact, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity. This title upholds the divinity of Jesus and emphasizes the mystery of the Incarnation—the belief that God took on human flesh in the person of Jesus Christ.

The use of “Theotokos” and the proclamation of Mary as the “Mother of God” were officially affirmed and defended at the Council of Ephesus in 431 AD. The council was convened to address the Nestorian controversy, a theological dispute that questioned the unity of the divine and human natures in Christ. The title “Theotokos” was endorsed as a way to express the inseparability of Jesus’ divinity and humanity.

While the term is more commonly used in Eastern Christian traditions, the concept of Mary as the Mother of God is accepted by Catholic Christians as well. In Western Christianity, especially within the Catholic Church, the emphasis on Mary’s role in the Incarnation and her title as Mother of God has been a central aspect of Marian theology and devotion.


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