Call No One Father?

Many Bible-only Christians claim that when we Catholics address priests as “father,” we are engaging in a practice that the bible forbade: “Call no man your father on earth, for you have one Father, who is in heaven” Matthew. 23:9 Here is our response: The title “Father” for Catholic priests is rooted in the tradition … Read more

Veneration of Sacred Images, Icons & Symbols

In the early Christian period, particularly during the first few centuries AD, Christian communities faced periods of persecution, and their worship often took place in private or semi-private settings. The catacombs, underground burial sites, served as one such location for early Christian gatherings and worship. These catacombs, found primarily in Rome and other parts of … Read more

Happy Birthday in Heaven?

Nasa langit na ba talaga sya? Assuming. Bakit andami daming nag po post sa social media (like Facebook) na binabati nila ang kanilang yumaong mahal sa buhay sa kanilang birthday at ina assume nila na nasa langit na sya? Tama bang i assume nating mga kristiano na at the moment na namatay ang isang tao … Read more

Falling Away From Grace.

Every christian would agree that the sacrificial act and resurrection of Christ 2000 years ago has redeemed mankind from the bondage of sin. Sin which separated mankind from the love of God since the time of creation. Through baptism, the sins (original and personal) of the baptized are forgiven and he is regenerated or born … Read more